Harry Enfield

https://soundcloud.com/noelgay/harry-enfield-commercial-reel/s-pG3aisaUSPX https://soundcloud.com/noelgay/harry-enfield-narrative-reel/s-xN06Knivmgn

Alice Marshall

Video https://vimeo.com/288357495 NoelGay · Alice Marshall – Commercial Voicereel 2019 NoelGay · Alice Marshall – Narrative Voicereel 2019

Liam Jefford

NoelGay · Liam Jefford – Commercial Reel NoelGay · Liam Jefford – Drama Reel

Katie Derham

https://vimeo.com/204874563 “Please thank Katie for doing such an excellent job of moderating the SMMT Summit on Tuesday. It was a pleasure working with her and she did a great job of navigating a myriad of different topics in an interesting way while staying perfectly on time. We have had very good feedback about the event … Read more

Matt Green

https://vimeo.com/413159268 https://youtu.be/G-7FZoIKJQI “Matt Green juggles joyfully with the contrasted accents of the many and varied heroes and villains against a superbly reconstructed backdrop of Brighton in its glory days of Punch and Judy shows, ice-cream parlours and blistered holidaymakers in striped deckchairs on the beach.” – The Times “Matt Green narrates this deft caper with a … Read more

Peter Harkness

NoelGay · Peter Harkness Commercial Reel NoelGay · Peter Harkness Narrative Reel