The News Agents’ Emily Maitlis, sensationally returning to screens to co-present Channel 4’s coverage.

‘The snap election, called on Wednesday 22 May, was a shock, even to insiders, but Maitlis is thrilled: she’s been lobbying for it. ‘I’ve been waging a selfish war on every member of the cabinet I’ve spoken to in the last six months to try and find a separation between the UK and the US election [on 5 November]. I could imagine this scenario in which we didn’t know where we were, what time zone we’re in, and not doing either story as well as we could,’ says Maitlis. For her, the starting gun fired on Tuesday 21 May, when a source texted: ‘I’m hearing rumours…’ ‘I had just finished dinner and I was on that sort of “two glasses – is it going to be another glass of wine?” moment, and I saw this message pop up. It was very cryptic and I knew immediately what it meant.’

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