Toby Longworth and Paul Litchfield lend their voices to Warhammer 40,000 Darktide

Toby Longworth is a highly respected voice-over artist, lending his voice to a variety of productions including, Hitchhikers Guide to the GalaxyStar Wars the Phantom Menace and Dr Who. In Warhammer Toby will be voicing The Bodyguard – Male Ogryn / Mourningstar Crew / Tancred Bastion Soldier / Vocator / Tertium Soldier

Paul Litchfield will be voicing Interrogator Iven Rannick. Paul can be seen in the ongoing campaign for the VW Touran and he also performs as part of Los Quattros Cvnts.

You can watch the trailer for Warhammer here

Warhammer is available now

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