Zachary Pang as D’Albert in JULIE: The Musical at The Other Palace

12 June – 30 June – The Other Palace Studio

‘The Cult Smash Hit JULIE: The Musical is back and better than ever!

Julie D’Aubigny is down in history as one of the most chaotic characters to have ever lived – one of the first public figures to live as an openly bisexual woman, she seduced nuns, duelled multiple men at once, burnt down convents, was bribed by princes, innovated opera – all before she turned 30.

Featuring Live Music, Comedy, Tap Dancing Sword Fights, Twerking Nuns, Kazoo Choruses…and that’s just the first half!

JULIE: The Musical celebrates this extraordinary life, Queerness and carving a place for yourself in a world not built for you.’

More information and tickets here 

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