Listen to Sophia on ‘How to Save an Incel’  A Tempo & Talker production for BBC Radio 4.

” Online communities like Reddit are often blamed for the rise of ‘incel’ culture. Incel, a portmanteau of ‘involuntary celibate’, describes someone, usually a young male, who is frustrated by their lack of sexual experiences. These disenfranchised individuals congregate on the internet to share their views. Incel forums have been studied by public policy researchers because of the often misogynistic rhetoric and high-profile violence some members of the incel community embrace. But could chat forums also be a space where young men can be saved? In one subreddit, deep in the corner of the internet’s loneliest users, lay a group of men desperate to escape inceldom. Journalist Sophia Smith Galer meets members of this community to find out more. ”

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