We are delighted to welcome speaker, poet, rap artist and mental health advocate Shocka to the fold.

Shocka’s remarkable journey is a  testament to his resilience and unwavering determination, the story of which he explores in ITV’s Hit Documentary Black Boys Can Cry and his recently published memoir, A Section Of My Life…


‘Do you want this to be your story?’ were the words, from a concerned Doctor after his fourth hospitalisation where he was sectioned for his struggles with mental health, which resonated so deeply with Shocka. They are what propelled him to truly begin to explore the slow process of recovery and reconnected him with the world.

Shocka is now an advocate for mental health awareness, particularly with young people, using his music to raise awareness and reach those suffering with their own mental health and demonstrating that with grit, resilience and self-reflection you can pull yourself out of even the darkest of places.

From South London, Tottenham, Shocka started his journey in 2008 when he released the single, Beast On The Loose, which led him to joining rap group, Marvell, alongside Vertex and Double S. Marvell being one of the first UK Rap Groups to communicate and market direct-to-fan.  In 2010, the BBC included Marvell in “Hot For 2010”, putting Shocka on tour with Diversity, Skepta and Chip.

However, despite high expectations Marvell was unceremoniously dropped from their record label and Shocka began to struggle with his mental health quickly finding himself in hospital, sectioned, something that would be repeated a further three times, receiving a diagnosis of schizophrenia along the way.

In 2019, Shocka found the strength to step back into the music industry, this time solo, and released his single, Self Love. It became a massive viral hit and was also the premise of his powerful and captivating TED Talk at TEDxLondon. He also went on to sign with mega music label Def Jam.

At this point, with a dedicated and fast-growing online following, Shocka, an inspiring, funny and candid speaker, began sharing his story of hope and how to find inspiration and motivation even in the depths of difficulties, being a voice of the voiceless and positivity in challenging times. In 2023 alone, he spoke at events for Spotify, BUPA, Harringay Council, Millwall Football Club, St Anne & Chase Farm Hospitals, and Camp Wildfire Festival.

As someone who grew up in an environment where mental health was not discussed, Shocka remains a huge inspiration to those who are in a similar position and are facing hiding their own struggles. He actively encourages everyone to join the “Make Life Kind” movement, promoting support and healing for others who have experienced mental health issues and how we can all learn from his transformational story.


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