Great reviews for Katy Ellis in RIDE

“It’s 1894 and as the bicycle is sweeping change across America, Annie Londonderry has a wager to settle: can a woman cycle across the world? 4 continents in 15 months: easy! Except she’s only been on a bicycle twice. From moneymaking masquerades as a Harvard professor to hunting tigers with German royalty, Annie spins the media into a frenzy with tales of her thrilling escapades. But with time running out and press coverage spiralling, she soon discovers that no matter how many miles she rides, the secrets of her past are never far behind.”

“Ellis is both believable and immediately likeable in the first half of the show, before revealing a chameleon-like ability to shift into other characters.” Broadway World – 4 *

“which producer has the kind of adventurous spirit to put this show in the West End where it belongs?” London Box Office – 4 *

“Katy Ellis as Martha Smith, a new addition to the cast who brings such flare and beautiful harmonies” Theatre and Tonic – 5 *

Coming to:

Curve Theatre, Leicester – 7 July to 15 July. Tickets and info can be found here

Southwark Playhouse – 19 July to 12 August. More info and tickets here

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